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31 October & 1 November 2018
The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
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Henley Investments -
Founded in 2006, Henley Investments is an established full service Real Estate Investment Manager. We originate and manage opportunistic deals in SPV structures and invite Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth investors to join us in these structured investments. The company has an active pipeline of deal flow in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States and investors can cherry pick which deals to participate in, diversifying across multiple deals if a portfolio approach to asset allocation is being adopted. Henley Investments currently has approximately 40 different active SPV structures in operation and have exited more than 25 with an average deal level IRR in excess of 40% and a money multiple of 1.77x (as at the end of June 2017). An investment can be capitalized using a single institutional capital source, or through multiple investors in a syndication. Total equity invested per deal currently ranges from $5 – $150m.  As a private equity firm, our current investment thesis stipulates that we are long into the cycle so far more situation based than macro theme based. We have adopted an approach called ADD (Arbitrage Distress Dislocation) to reduce downside risk, by ensuring each deal meets specific criteria. The goal of this approach is to deliver opportunistic returns. Henley Investments underwrites and participates in all of its own deals, typically contributing between 5-10% of the equity required.
Schillings is a privacy and reputation law firm with a difference. In a crisis, we’re the team that runs point for all your other teams.
We’re the only business in the world that can deploy combined teams of intelligence specialists, military strategists, cyber experts, former White House advisors, risk consultants, and lawyers to zero in on the source of your problem and solve it.
There’s no crisis we haven’t faced with our clients, the companies they own, or the governments they run. If you have a reputation or privacy issue at anytime, anywhere in the world, we’re on speed dial.
Positioned throughout Europe and Asia, our team of 200 specialists are recognised cross-border insurance experts. Our solutions currently cover more than 80 countries. We keep expanding our presence in order to address individual mobility requirements. We partner with the most prestigious financial and legal institutions to ensure the highest quality standards of our solutions. Present in key financial centres around the world, we are a leading provider of high-end insurance-based solutions. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and creating every solution we offer with care.
Today’s interconnected and fast-moving world presents rising opportunities on a global scale. Tailored advice is ever-more needed for integrated wealth planning to accommodate changing requirements and consider the next generation. Present in key financial centres and together with selected partners from renowned financial and legal institutions, Swiss Life Global Solutions offers high-end insurance-based wealth and succession planning solutions to answer wealthy client’s cross-border needs.