A private meeting focused on analysing and benchmarking current investment opportunities in emerging markets
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9 July, 2013
Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London
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APN Property Group: www.apnpg.com.au

APN Property Group is a leading real estate investment manager, based in Australia. We actively invest in, develop and manage real estate and real estate securities on behalf of institutions, superannuation funds, high net worth and individual investors. As a boutique asset manager, our focus is on delivering superior investment performance and outstanding service. Since 1996 we have delivered innovative real estate investment products and services for more than 100,000 investors and currently manage $2.1 billion funds under management.

BNY Mellon Investment Management

BNY Mellon Investment Management, the global asset management arm of BNY Mellon, are one of the world’s largest global investment leaders, bringing you handpicked specialist investment managers from around the world.

BNY Mellon's multi-boutique model is driven by a unique and compelling approach to investment management, providing a robust corporate foundation, together with worldwide resources and administrative support. The investment boutiques are free to concentrate on what they do best – delivering specialist and focused investment performance, with accountable, accessible senior staff, distinctive processes and a purity of culture.

Insight Investments, one of BNY Mellon’s specialist managers, has built its reputation as a leader in fixed income, absolute return, specialist equity solutions and liability driven investments. Visit Insight Investments at www.insightinvestment.com

BNY Mellon, as at 31 March 2013, has $26.3 trillion in assets under custody and administration, and over $1.4 trillion in AUM in Investment Management in 36 countries and more than 100 markets.

Fusion Investment Management

Fusion Investment Management is an Africa-focussed Fund Manager, based in London and Nairobi, Kenya. Since 2006, Fusion has focussed on investment in East Africa, seeking high returns whilst minimising downside risk. Fusion was formed by a group of veteran UK private equity investors, working closely with a Nairobi-based team, in 2006. Fusion is still owned by that same group of shareholders, each of whom brings an outstanding level of success and experience in their chosen industries (finance, retail, food manufacturing, and real estate). Fusion investors are primarily UHNW and Family Office investors in the UK and Kenya. Fusion is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom and by the Capital Markets Authority in the Republic of Kenya

Fusion Investment Management offers three investment streams to experienced professional investors:

Private Equity and SME Financing
Real Estate Development
Liquid Market Management

Ichigo: www.ichigoasset.com

Ichigo is a Japanese high-commitment engagement investor.  We invest in companies that are trading substantially below their intrinsic value and pro-actively engage our portfolio company management teams to support management-led positive change to catalyze the company’s public market value to that intrinsic value. We respect our portfolio companies and as committed shareholders work for the success of the companies, all shareholders, and all stakeholders.

Ichigo was the first investor ever to win a shareholder proxy in Japan in 2007, took control of and turned around a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed REIT (8975) and a JASDAQ-listed real estate asset manager (2337) which experienced difficulty during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and has developed significant relationships with portfolio company management teams at both the personal and business level to support their efforts for positive change. We are frequently one of the largest shareholders of our portfolio companies. 

North of South Capital: www.northofsouth.com

North of South Capital was founded by Matt Linsey in 2004.

Manage 2 GEM equity funds, an offshore long/short since 2004 and UCITS3 long-only launched in 2011, co-branded with GAM.
2012 performance, long/short +30.4%, UCITS3 +27.5%.

-Annualised 11% return since 2004, with less than 2/3s the volatility of MSCIEM and EM ETF.
-Superior returns to peers, the MSCIEM index and EM ETF since Oct 2007 peak and Feb 2009 trough.
-Focus on minimising volatility by independent risk manager.
-Long bias strategy with selective stock picking, emphasising value, cash flow and dividend yield and credit overlay emphasising local cost of capital and risk-free rate. 
-Prepared to look beyond traditional EM, with Saudi a current example.
-Experienced team with 50 years.
-Independent Directors, transparency on all holdings and alpha attribution.
-Never side-pocketed or gated.

The UCITS investment philosophy is similar, although it has daily liquidity and is a long-only product.

SIP Latam: www.siplatam.com
SIP Latam Agrifund is setting up a diversified agribusiness fund in selected Latin American countries. The principal purpose of the Fund with an expected lifecycle of 10 years is to directly invest in existing farms or in suitable land to be transformed and developed into agricultural land. The projects will be run in close partnership with local partners and operators, assisted and monitored by our local teams.