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The Paris Agreement, adopted in December 2015, sets out a global framework to reduce dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. As part of the comprehensive national climate action plans submitted by signatories, governments have set out plans to transition away from the reliance on fossil fuels to generate energy, to an increasing use of renewable energy sources in order to reduce carbon emission and related impact on global warming. 

Many governments have, amongst other steps, implemented financial incentives to encourage private capital to support the infrastructure needed to achieve these goals. Growing manufacturing experience, reducing installation costs and increased component reliability, has resulted in wind, solar and other generating technologies experiencing significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements over the past decade, bringing the Levelised Cost of Energy below the level of conventional generation technologies.

This transitioning has significant implications, not only in the type of asset used to generate energy, but in infrastructure needed to support this, as well as in the evolving technologies associated with storage, transportation and other resulting changes.

Drawing on KGAL’s near 20 years’ experience in the Renewable Energy Infrastructure market, managing €2.8bn of our clients’ investments in generation capacity of 1.2 Gigawatt from a combination of more than 120 solar, wind and hydro sources, we will explore this changing market, and how investors can look to this opportunity to help achieve their investment objectives, whilst driving the need to address climate change.


Key Takeaways:

The key takeaways you will benfit from are:

• An understanding of the range of Renewable Energy generating technologies and the associated opportunities

• The geographic landscape of renewable Energy generation

• A review of the different regulatory and commercial regimes and how these are evolving

• How KGAL can help to capture the resulting investment opportunities


About Our Partner:


KGAL Group (KGAL) was founded in Germany in 1968 and has been delivering innovative investment solutions for over 50 years. Today, KGAL provides long-term Real Asset investment opportunities for institutional investors in the areas of Real Estate, Aviation and Renewable Energy Infrastructure, offering a full service fund management platform across its three asset classes. Overseeing £20bn on behalf of our clients, our long history and the experience of over 350 employees position KGAL as an important player in the European real asset investment management industry.

KGAL’s investments in renewable energies focus on diversified portfolios of renewable energy projects in the wind power, photovoltaics and hydropower sectors in Europe. KGAL’s investment style has evolved from a pure brownfield approach to a value-add strategy creating superior returns for investors. As part of an active risk management, its portfolio composition targets a broad set-up across regions, technologies and project partners. Since the turn of the millennium, the company has invested in more than 120 assets across Europe with a total volume of approximately €2.8 billion.


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