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08:15-09:30 | 27th June 2019
Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, London, UK
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The sheer diversity of the countries that make up today’s emerging market landscape has resulted in the majority of today’s emerging market investors focusing on afully passive approach or a benchmark aware global EM fund, and yet this approach leaves portfolios vulnerable to heightened index volatility, over exposed to old economy index constituents, and failing to benefit from the disparity of returns that characterises these many diverse geographies .

In addition to active top down allocations, what also makes for a successful, high-performing EM investment strategy is the need for active management with a local approach. This briefing will explore the value of working with locally based managers across multiple markets who have a comprehensive understanding of what drives their local market, and expansive local resources at their disposal.  From monitoring the portfolio for concentration risk, to ensuring it conforms with investment guidelines, how can managers be efficiently and effectively managed?

The real opportunity here is investing beyond the confines of traditional benchmarks geared towards global cyclicals and tech mega-caps and instead in capturing the EM ‘domestic story’, which offers some of the most compelling investment opportunities of our lifetime.

In collaboration with Milltrust International Group, committed long-term investors working with local managers in 32 developing countries,this event takes place at Fortnum & Mason in London, UK on 27 June 2019. The private, highly focused briefing will deliver unique insight into the importance of genuine analysis of companies and active management with a local focus as opposed to a passive or benchmarked approach via index funds or ETFs.

Key Takeaways:

The unique insight and learnings will answer the following questions…

  • Why do most EM managers fail to beat their benchmark?
  • Is alpha available from active management in emerging markets?
  • Can a single custodial platform offer local flavour?
  • How vital is a top-down asset allocation framework?
  • How can one overcome the challenges of accessing 32 markets?

About Our Partner:




Milltrust International Group is a specialist investment organisation, co-headquartered in the asset management hubs of London and Singapore, with regional offices in some of the most dynamic markets in the world. For the past 8 years Milltrust International has delivered exceptional returns for their clients across a universe of 32 developing markets with a highly active approach to stock selection and geographical allocation. Milltrust is an institutional investment solutions provider working with 21 major institutional clients to deliver innovative access to:

  • Global Emerging Markets
  • Global Agricultural Investments
  • Cutting-edge Science, Technology & Innovation Investments
  • The Climate Impact Asia Fund

Register Your Place Today:

Registration is complimentary but places are strictly limited and for qualifying family office principals and executives only. To apply for your place, please contact Liam Smith: 

1) Call +44 (0)20 3763 2800
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