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19 - 20 March 2020
Hong Kong
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Family Risk Management First, Business & Markets Second


In Asia, "guanxi" is the core of business relationships, determining who the families conduct their business with. Business deals are only conducted with known and trusted sources, operating on the values with mutual commitment, reciprocity and trust.

  • What new forms of collaboration will arise among next-gen?


As FOs in Asia mature with next-gen taking over, they evolve from one which is embedded within the family to an independent and professional wealth management platform; there will be accelerated participation of FOs in private markets.

  • How would the traditional private market structure be disrupted?
  • How can FO help to mitigate risks?


Intergenerational wealth transfer is the biggest risk faced by today's families.

  • Cultural differences in inheritance philosophies between Asian and Western families; are there any lessons that could be adopted from Western counterparts?
  • Governance framework is the key - a thorough structure and legacy plan is vital
  • How to manage emotional aspects and family conflict during succession planning?


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