Exclusive Family Meetings

Campden Events is the global leader in providing private forums for significant business and financial families, and their private offices.

For over a decade Campden Wealth has been bringing together families from throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East, for exclusive closed-door meetings covering family business, family office and wealth management issues.

Campden Wealth provides thought leadership for families of substantial wealth to learn from each other as well as key industry experts through networking, case studies, panel presentations and proprietary research.

To gain access to one of our family meetings and the restricted area of our website you must first pass our strict qualification process.  This ensures that our events remain very private and free from intrusion.


How to qualify for access

To qualify for access to these exclusive and very private meetings, as well as our website, you must be one of the following:

  • Family member or principal
  • Executive from a family or patrimonial business
  • Executive from a family foundation
  • Family-controlled investment offices or single and private multi-family offices (unaffiliated with any bank or financial services firm or corporation).

To apply for access, please fill in our online qualification form. There will be a delay of 48hrs while we research your company to ensure you fit within our strict criteria.  Once this process is complete we will send you an email to advise if you have qualified for entry.