About Us

Campden Conferences, a part of the Campden Wealth, was launched in 1999 to bring together significant business and financial families, substantial private investors, executives from private investment and family offices, family businesses and foundations, and their close advisors at a unique series of exclusive events.

Our event portfolio focuses on private meetings for family business, family office and family wealth, as well as highly focused events for close advisors, independent asset managers, and those interested in the innovative medtech investing arena.

From the first pan-European conference for family offices in 1999, through to the present day, the core values of our events has remained the same:

  • To source the best, most respected speakers for our programmes, creating genuine opportunities for peer-group learning.
  • To research and create dynamic conference agendas which focus on up-to-date thinking and educational content, providing genuine value for all participants.
  • To create an exclusive environment with an emphasis on privacy, where individuals and families of significant wealth can network freely.
  • To foster these opportunities by restricting attendance to principal investors, members of business and financial families, and senior executives from family offices and businesses only.

Today, Campden Conferences has an unrivalled network of global contacts and organises meetings around the world including Europe, Asia-Pacific, the United States, the Middle East and India.


About our website

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you will notice there are certain areas which you are not allowed to gain access to without qualifying first.

Restricted access: Family Business, Family Wealth and Family Office events

To view a full programme and speaker information for our Family Business, Family Wealth and Family Office meetings you must first pass our strict qualification process. This ensures that our events remain very private and free from intrusion.

Immediate access: Close Advisors, IAMS and MedTech

As our Close Advisors, IAMS and MedTech conferences are open to a wider audience, we will allow users to view detailed information without having to qualify for access first.

How to qualify for access

To qualify for access to the restricted area of our site you must be one of the following:

  • Family member or principal
  • Executive from a family or patrimonial business
  • Foundations
  • Family-controlled investment office (unaffiliated with any bank or financial services firm or corporation).

To apply for access, please fill in our online qualification form. There will be a delay of 48hrs while we research your company to ensure you fit within our strict criteria. Once this process is complete we will send you an email to advise if you have qualified for entry.