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23-24 February, 2022
London, UK in person
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Campden Wealth’s 2021 Global Family Office Report showed 73% of European families have reported an increase in wealth over the last 12 months, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and many are optimistic about the economic outlook for 2022. In order to best capture this growth family offices are having to realign their portfolios and increase diversification. We’ve seen significant shifts away from cash holdings that can be better utilised elsewhere and poor-performing fixed income and into alternatives, from private equity to crypto.

With this restructuring of strategy comes a reassessment of risk appetite and very often a shorter-term investment timeline than family offices are used to. The most popular sectors, for example healthcare, are not without their nuanced challenges, the popularity of crypto – with family offices holding an estimated 4% of the entire available cryptocurrency – isn’t always enough to allay volatility fears, and private markets with valuations reaching such a high that surely an end must soon be in sight.

The Family Alternative Investment Forum will focus on how family offices can adapt their portfolios to this dynamic investment environment to best capture growth. From analysing the most cutting-edge sectors to higher venture returns from investing earlier in the cycle, where do the best opportunities lie, how can families properly manage investment risk, and how can families properly plan for not just the investment landscape of today but the investment landscape to come?


• Develop action-based steps on how to optimise a multi-asset portfolio

• Understand how to fine-tune your family office as a strategic alternative investor

• Maximise the opportunity presented by today’s high growth environment

• Gain insight into how your peers are executing their global, technological and impact driven priorities

• Learn how inflation and interest-rate rises will affect your alternatives allocation

• Communicate freely in a private peer-to-peer network meeting

A strict qualification criteria applies:

This has been developed for members of UHNW financial families as well as principals and trusted C-level executives of private family offices. Respecting the pillars of privacy and trust, the initiative takes place under Chatham House rules with zero media intrusion to enable unrivalled opportunities for uncovering the most valuable peer experiences in a “safe harbour” environment.

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